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RPS Forever… 28 April 2007

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Was it just me or was it every kid in the backseat of her family’s van on a roadtrip that wished for a longer-lasting game of Rock-Paper Scissors? We’d play a couple rounds, figure each others’ strategies out, and then start to think about inventing more weapons. The best we could ever come up with was, like, a marker. It wrote on paper and rock but scissors cut it. Pathetic.

Then there’s this.

My head spins just looking at this thing. Turnip? School? Brain? The LAW!? How long would it take you to learn all these symbols, much less learn who they beat and then actually be able to think of one before three seconds runs out?

I must admit, I’m a little impressed.

If this makes your head hurt too much, check out the Rock-Paper-Scissors Flash Game where you can play the original up to 25 options.


One Response to “RPS Forever…”

  1. zozer319 Says:

    Dude – last summer Laura and Carol and I were at my house and watching TV and we stumbled upon the annual/big deal (apparently) Rock-Paper-Scissors TOURNAMENT – in Las Vegas, of course, because where else do you hold something like that.

    They also have a website:

    Actually the one I was thinking of was this (check out the “origins of RPS” which claims to go back to the dawn of mankind):

    Also, I’m a big fan of the photos someone took to illustrate on this site:

    I’m not sure when the next tournament is, or if it intersects with your Vegas trip, but note 1) the logos and 2) the invocation of Rochambeau, whoever that was. đŸ™‚


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