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Randoms 1 May 2007

Filed under: Randoms — ferociouskater @ 5:47 pm

I used to write this section in my journal (my actual book journal, the one I used to write in with an actual pen) called “Randoms.” Usually I would write Ten Randoms, just little thoughts about what was going on at that time. I was just reading my blog from 2003/2004, my junior year in college, and felt like I was reading one big Random. Boy was I scatterbrained.

Even though (I’d hope) I’m not as scatterbrianed now, I feel like writing a couple of Randoms. So be forewarned. I’ll even put it in the newly formed “Randoms” category so you can just stop reading now if you were expecting some meaningful content.

Ten Randoms for a Rainy Tuesday:

1. I feel like a seven-year-old for being jealous that my husband’s computer was delivered before mine. “Mom! Tommy won’t let me play with his new MacBook!!!”

2. I am both excited and nervous to travel to Las Vegas in June with my cousins and grandmother. Excited because, face it, it’s Vegas; nervous because this will be the first trip with my grandmother that I’ll feel like I’m more responsible for her than she for me.

3. I’m caught between wanting to quit my job to get an MBA, pursue previously made writing contacts for a possible writing job, and snooze through complacency for another year using 30% of my brain every day. Today I’d vote for complacency. Tomorrow…

4. I’m looking forward to the surge of creativity that will come with a new computer. If it ever gets here, that is.

5. This is the last random because I couldn’t think of 10.

Wow, that was even worse than I thought. I suppose I could have expanded on one of those. But that’s just how today has gone, I guess.


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