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Exclusively “Life is Good” T-Shirts 16 May 2007

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I’m going to tell you about my secret ambition. No, it’s not to be a famous writing or lawyer, although those things are certainly desirable. My mom always said that she had this great athlete inside of her, waiting to come out. My secret ambition is similar, although it’s not to be a great athlete.
My secret ambition is to be “outdoorsy.”
And I’m not talking just for the style of clothing, I’m talking someone who takes every single waking moment away from work and home life to be outside.
I was reminded of this ambition this weekend, as I embarked on my second camping trip ever. My coworkers made great fun of me for thinking I was really going on a camping trip – the site and park are only about 10 minutes away from where I work. Regardless, we were staying in Bay City State Park, or something like that, and it looked gorgeous on the internet. Of course everything looks gorgeous on the internet, right?
To my pleasant surprise, it was. Our camp site was a hop, skip and a jump away from the Bay, which is beautiful (albeit very chilly very muddy this time of year). The site wasn’t very crowded, partially because it was so early in the season, and partially because everyone else had actually listened to the weather report and knew it was going to be down in the 30’s both nights of the weekend.
We had lovely campfire dinners both Friday and Saturday nights, and a big campfire breakfast Sunday morning of thick-cut bacon, eggs, and toast toasted on a skewer over the fire. I think that maybe the style of cooking is the number one reason I want to be outdoorsy – everything tastes better outdoors or at least if it’s cooked outdoors (especially if it’s grilled). I justified eating hot dogs, thick cut bacon and eggs by taking a 5 mile hike on Saturday through the state park.
We hiked through young forest and marshland, encountered a little bit of wildlife (a baby turtle, red-winged blackbirds), and took pretty pictures (well Brian took pretty pictures, I took mediocre pictures). We were dirty and cold pretty much the whole time. But still. It made me want a wardrobe exclusively made up of “Life is Good” t-shirts. Having the dogs there made it extra-outdoorsy, even though Sadie was a pain in the butt.
And now that we’re back I want to go again. Even if it’s not a whole weekend of camping, I want to go find a trail and hike again. Brian is always talking about going off and hiking by himself in the wilderness, and now I think I’m catching whatever it is that he has. Hopefully soon I’ll catch thick-soled feet, too.
So there it is. My secret ambition. Not that it is or ever was, really, a secret. It just sounds better that way.
Maybe some post I’ll actually talk about my secret ambition, but for now it’s so secret I don’t even remember what the hell it is!


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