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Chicago 17 May 2007

Filed under: Travel — ferociouskater @ 12:01 pm

I’m venturing out this weekend to do something that’s a bit different/far out for me. I’m going to wander around the city of Chicago all by myself for a whole day. Tom has an emergency medicine conference, and I’m tagging along because hey, it’s Chicago. I tried to get my mom to meet me up there, to no avail. And then I racked my brains to think of people that I know IN Chicago, but everyone has moved away save my sorority sister Anna, who I will be seeing for coffee Saturday afternoon.

So all throughout the week I’ve been thinking, what am I going to do? Tom said I should just stick around the area and shop. I think when he says this he means “Look around but don’t you dare buy anything because you know we’re getting low on green.” Sticking around the area of the hotel means I could spend the entire day on Navy Pier, which isn’t a frightful prospect. But something is tugging at me telling me that this will be the biggest chunk of time I will have all weekend and that I should pick something specific to do with that time. Like go to the art institute, which I haven’t done in ages, or maybe hit up the Shedd Aquarium (although I think Tom would be disappointed if I did that one without him).

I’ll probably end up carrying my laptop around and meeting Anna and then settling in an area that has free wi-fi for the entire afternoon. It usually ends up happening something like that. So if anyone has any suggestions about what fun things I could do on Saturday while Tom’s in conferences, let me know. Suggestions are always welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚


2 Responses to “Chicago”

  1. zozer319 Says:

    I recommend the art institute… and also you could check out American Girl Place up at Water Tower, not to mention browsing all the fancy stores along the so-called “Magnificent Mile.”
    Actually, if it’s a nice day, I also TOTALLY recommend just taking walk around Millennium Park and hanging out there… it’s a nice place.
    Or if you want to get out of the Loop, you can always take the train (or bus) down to Hyde Park and walk around the Univ of Chicago, or Jackson Park, or go to the Science/Industry Museum…
    If you want logistical and/or transportation details, let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. zozer319 Says:

    Also, I apologize for the smiley face. I always forget how creepy it looks until after I’ve posted one. I don’t know if it’s the eyebrows or the little turns up in the mouth but I kind of hate that thing.

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