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Chicago on My Own 21 May 2007

Filed under: Travel — ferociouskater @ 12:33 am

I wrote a large entry in my journal (you know, those bound things that you write in with pen or pencil and can use even where there isn’t wireless internet) about this weekend (specifically Saturday) in Chicago, and it ended up being really long. I’m just going to post the first part here.

5/19/07 9:30AM I began my day in the big city on my own with a walk to Navy Pier. The city is so barren in the morning, between the early hours when commuters rule the streets ad the later hours when tourists begin to emerge with their cameras and maps (guilty, guilty.) It’s strange to walk streets as one of few when I knew that later I would get swept in a sea of people. So it was actually pretty calming.

I always begin a trip like this trying as hard as possible to fit in, not pulling out the map right away and not taking pictures of absolutely everything. But doing this only gets me next to no pictures to sort when I get home hopelessly lost. So this time I gave up from the beginning and had both my map and camera at the ready for when I got to Navy Pier.

There is a lot to do at Navy Pier if you want to shop for knick-knacks or spend a lot of money on a boat ride. I don’t, and more importnatly can’t, so my main purpose here is to get exercise, take some cool pictures an enjoy Chicago at a pace slower than usual. Past the junk shops and boat rides I settle in at the end of the pier, where it’s breezy but sunny and warm. I see other solitary people here – more than I would have imagined here – and it’s refreshing to see that I’m not the only one wandering around by myself.


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