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This American NightLife 23 May 2007

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So I usually don’t want to ramble on about the stupidest, most personal things that are going on with me. I know very few people would actually enjoy such posts (my mother in law being possibly one of the only ones, and perhaps my hubby although he’s already heard everything). However, I just had the weirdest dream and I thought I’d share it. I think it reveals how much my tastes have changed since discovering that I actually enjoy NPR.

First, a preface – a class in high school screwed up National Public Radio for me. I took a Current Events class thinking, “Oh good, we’re going to actually discuss what’s going on in the world. We’re going to bring in news clippings and for once I’m going to be on top of things.” It was true that we did talk about what was going on in the world. And the teacher was a little scatterbrained so we didn’t actually get around to doing the projects we were supposed to do. But the good parts about the class were totally blown away by the dreaded NPR Quiz.

Every morning before class, as we were all getting ready for school (and these were 17 year olds at 6:00 in the morning, mind you), we were supposed to be listening to NPR’s “Morning Edition.” And we were not only supposed to be listening to it, we were supposed to be paying attention and taking notes so that we could spit out any inane detail for a series of quizzes that would make up 20% of our final scores. Did we talk about what we heard that morning on NPR and why those particular inane details were important to remember? No. We did not. So there’s the back story of my past hate relationship with what is now what I listen to almost exclusively.

Okay back story aside, now I listen to NPR all the time. I think two big factors into this decision were marrying Tom and getting a job that is 30 minutes away (the longest I’ve ever had to drive for a job). At first it was just out of desperation – I was SO TIRED to listening to the sae crappy music every morning. But then I actually began to be interested in what I was hearing. I started to be more up on current events that my co-workers (achem, not a hard feat). And then I started to Podcast all my favorite shows – my two favorite being “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” and “This American Life.”

Phew. There we have it, so back to the dream. I had a dream last night that I had a crush on Ira Glass. And not only did I have a crush on him, but we were seeing each other sort of secretly. We were seeing each other in a non-sexual manner but you could tell both of us wanted to take the relationship to a higher level.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Having dreams about wanting to cheat on your husband! Unbelievable!” But wait, there’s more: in this dream Tom didn’t even exist. I was actually dating my best friend Kristi at the time! (Neither of us is gay, and it’s not like we had a sexual relationship in the dream either. It was just a title or something.)

So first I had to break up with my best friend. Yikes. And then I had to tell her that I wasn’t actually gay. Yikes. And THEN I had to tell her that I had a crush on Ira Glass and that we were going to start a relationship.

I wouldn’t have imagined 8 years or even 4 years ago that NPR radio stars would be hopping around in my psyche at night. But I guess that’s what happens when you relent yourself to actually LIKING the stuff.

I’d like to think that I might ace those quizzes now. Maybe.


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