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E-Mail Forwards 26 May 2007

Filed under: Ponderings — ferociouskater @ 2:58 pm

I have a question. How is it that the same America-loving, patriotic, God-fearing people that send me forwards like, “Pictures of soldiers helping people in Iraq” and “Pray for Our Troops” are the same ones that send me the “How to fold a $20 bill to make it look like the twin towers and pentagon are burning?”

Let’s make up our minds, folks – is the government here to protect us or to lie to us?


One Response to “E-Mail Forwards”

  1. Brian Says:

    The government is here to protect our freedoms. That being said, the government can never give us freedoms that we don’t already have; they can only take them away. Each time they take one away they become more powerful. So it is in their best interest to take away as many freedoms as possible and it is in the citizen’s best interest to fight to keep them. That being said, there are many “laws” that work to protect either the government or the citizens from harming each other or themselves that are necessary as they draw a line of acceptability for a certain action. This is where all politics exists and where all political arguments come from.

    The answer is yes, the government is here to both protect us and lie to us because it is in their best interest to do both. That is why doing things under the auspicious of “protection” is the most successful tool they have at taking away our freedoms. Politics is a nasty thing, hellbent of self-destruction, constant fighting, prone to violent mood swings, and necessary for any real freedom.

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