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It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not. -Anon.

I’m Just About Done. 13 June 2007

Filed under: Career — ferociouskater @ 2:25 am

I have never been as restless at my job as I have been the last few days. Every once in a while, before, I would wake up and jokingly think to myself what I could do to make myself sick so I would not have to go in. The past week it’s been every morning. I’m so tired, tired of not working up to my potential, tired of not having control over anything, tired of being on the front lines of the clients’ frustration. The joy of seeing animals every day isn’t even helping. I thought that my gloomy mood would rise once it ceased being my time of the month. It hasn’t. So I’m trying now more fervently than ever to get out.

I’ve sent out 7 or 8 resumes this week. I’m really hopeful that some of jobs will pan out, especially several of them that look like I would be really qualified for. There was one listing for writers and journalists to call this number but the number has been ringing and ringing every time I try and call. Even if they’ve already filled the positions the decent thing would be to put on a machine, right?

I really like the people I work for and with. I would feel bad about leaving them high and dry. I’m considering, since if I got a job they’d probably want me to start right away, to give a month’s notice soon so that I can put all my energy into finding something else. I’ll just have to see if our finances would stand me not having a check for a couple of weeks. Right now I know what Tom would say. Boo.

Sorry to rant, I hate taking up the whole blog space with ranting. I just had to get it out.


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