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How is a Percutaneous Introducer Relevant to Answering the Phones? 26 June 2007

Filed under: Career,Rants — ferociouskater @ 2:20 am

I think this is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever had to do for a job.

My boss has decided that it would do us all good to watch training videos. That would be all well and good, except that these videos are required and though we are getting paid for their completion the money does not reach our hot little hands until we have received at least a 90% on the culminating exam. As I’m describing these asinine videos, keep in mind that I work at the front desk. The most technical I get is when I draw up the occasional vaccine or describe to someone how to get rid of fleas over the phone.

So far we have watched videos on everything from flea and tick prevention (completely relevant to what I do, people are asking me about that all the time) to placing a Vascular Access Point into the jugular vein to administer chemotherapy drugs to animals. PARDON ME? First of all, the dude in the video is a vet, not even a vet assistant, whom these videos are geared towards. Secondly, they are using random terms that they not only didn’t teach us but that are so obscure my medical student husband even looked and me and said, “Why do you need to know that?”  We had to watch videos dealing with how to properly clip birds’ wings and beaks (we don’t even see birds), inserting an IV catheter (they wouldn’t let me do that even if I asked), and the anatomy of a tooth.

I am a receptionist. I didn’t go to vet tech school, nor do I desire to go to vet tech school. I am not now, nor will I ever be trained to work in the back. I answer phones. I schedule appointments. I understand that it’s easier to explain things to clients if we know what they are but there’s a certain point where too much information becomes a detriment.

I will admit I’m far behind on there videos.  They were due to be done last week. I’m sure this is not helping me in the slightest in my stress on the matter. But I digress….

I’ll be interested to see what they say tomorrow when I walk into work after a week of vacation and I don’t have the videos or the exam done. To tell you the truth, at this point, if it’s between doing these videos and saying, “See Ya,” I’ll take the latter. Because really, if I wanted to take classes about Percutaneous Introducers, I would have.


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