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For the Moment 29 July 2007

Filed under: Ponderings — ferociouskater @ 3:20 pm

Have you ever had anyone sit you down and say, “You have to stop being so serious all the time. You have to live for the moment and just have fun?”

No one has done this to me recently, but I almost feel like I’ve flipped a switch somewhere along the line and been plunged into “Live for the Moment” land. For the last couple weeks I’ve been unencumbered by stresses at work, massive amounts of housework, or other things that I’ve been putting off doing for a long, long time. Every day has held something to look forward to, whether it be a movie, dinner out, or even cooking a yummy dinner at home with friends.

What, I wonder, causes a person to go through this? Is it just one exciting thing after another in a short (two-week) period? (Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix release, Tom’s birthday, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows release, Brian’s birthday, my parents’ visit, my birthday)? Or is it just the general feeling that summer brings and fall takes away?

I fondly remember every summer being like this, which leads me to believe that it’s the season itself. Even though I have no vacation from work, the free feeling of the schoolchildren must be infectious. Either that or the jubilant summer feelings I felt, even just a couple years ago, are hanging around. An internal clock inside me starts chiming around June 1st, “IT’S TIME TO START THE GOOD LIFE!”

And the good life it’s been. Dinners out, grilling whenever we have dinners in, taking the dogs to the dog park almost every day, evenings on the deck, writing everywhere, vacation, visits, camping, casual strolls in the woods, birthdays and every Sunday night enjoying a free movie outdoors. Why can’t other seasons grace us with such light hearts? I work the same number of days in the winter as I do in the summer. Is the cold air and gloomy weather really that much to blame? Even without the balmy weather and sunshine, is it possible to carry that feeling with you into crisp evenings and crunchy leaves?

If anyone ever figures it out, please let me be the first one you tell. Because I never want this feeling to end.


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