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Law School? Eh, maybe not. 30 September 2007

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My latest career interest, going into law, actually lasted a pretty long time – about a year and a half. But lately the thought of  being handcuffed to a desk 60 hours a week hasn’t been sounding so pleasurable. Not to mention I don’t think anyone who really knows me thought it was really my…achem…forte.

My latest career vision is actually a recurring one, to write. I’ve been looking at different low-residency MA and MFA programs, ones that I could conceivably apply to this fall and start in the spring. The possibility of starting something so soon is very appealing to me, because I’m tired as hell of sitting around. Thomas doesn’t think that I should do something so limiting. He doesn’t think that I will be any more employable after completing an MA in creative writing than I was with my BA in creative writing. I think I will at least be more employable for freelance jobs, and by the time I’m done with the program we will hopefully at least be somewhere with a lower unemployment rate.

I am especially interested in a low-residency program in the U.K. It wouldn’t be much different, other than the airfare would be a bit more. But what better way to do the traveling I want without having to leave home for whole semesters at a time? Besides, I would think that having experience studying overseas would be pretty marketable, and certainly give me more of a diverse experience than going to any low-residency program here in the U.S. Again, Thomas disagrees, nor does he think we would be able to afford to send me overseas once or twice a year for two years. Pessimism is running rampant in our household right now, unfortunately.

Yet I am still reluctant about canceling the LSAT that I have rescheduled twice now. I’m having a hard time committing to not committing to law school. It’s all a very frustrating situation and I’m almost considering taking to a career councilor about it. Think that someone from Denison would still be willing to talk to me 2 years after I graduated?



Paying Closer Attention 26 September 2007

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Most of the time when I drive down the road and a song that is mostly unfamiliar comes on my iPod, I skip it. When I’m listening to music in my car I’m mostly looking to sing along, and of course one cannot sing to a song one does not know.

This morning, however, I paused for long enough to catch some of the lyrics to Barenaked Ladies’ “Fun and Games.” Holy crap. What makes the song the most powerful is that it’s an upbeat and happy-sounding song. Here are the lyrics:

We sent in the army
They sounded alarms we
Saw it coming from a mile away.
We kept it off radar
Because we had to say our
Intentions were to save the day.

Why did you fail to see?

It was a gag
It was all for a laugh
And they were shocked and they were awed
and they were blown in half

Fun and games
We’re just pulling legs
We knew this barrel of fun
Would be a powderkeg

We kept it all long-range
and made a regime change
You’d have thought it would have been a gas
But when it got ugly
We sat around smugly
Because you bought our little joke en masse
Don’t look at me that way

It was a gag
It was all for a laugh
We knew your sons and daughters
Would be blown in half

Fun and games
We’re just pulling legs
We knew this barrel of fun
Would be a powderkeg

Put a smile on
We’re the ones that you selected
Leave that dial son
Because we just got re-elected
In a while our
Bill of rights will be rejected

and all the blame will be deflected
the forests will be unprotected
the nation’s poor will be neglected
creation myth is resurrected
a new salute is genuflected
a gallup poll will be respected
gallows pole will be erected
all this will go undetected

While you all slumbered
We sat and crunched numbers
Of all the causalities we could afford
There’s no need to draft them
You could hear us laugh then
The poor and black all need the room and board
Did I say that out loud?

It was a gag
It was all for a laugh
And now our very nation has been blown in half

Fun and games
We’re just pulling legs
We knew this barrel of fun
Would be a powderkeg

If you have $0.99 and five minutes, buy this song. I like to support a band whose social commentary makes me stop and pay attention.


Ho Hum. 20 September 2007

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When I was a little kid I used to get really really excited about things. Like we would have a softball game and I would be more excited with every passing second. And then if something happened…like if the game got rained out, I would crash really hard. I would be really depressed for hours until I got distracted by something else to look forward to.

I know everyone gets disappointed when things don’t work out. But I almost feel like a little tiny bit of immaturity followed me from childhood into adulthood, just to taunt me. So that now when things don’t work out the way I planned them to, or when things don’t work at all, I get really depressed again. Depressed and angry. To the point where I doubt whether or not I should ever plan anything at all.

How come when you get older it becomes harder to distract yourself with something else to look forward to?


Heathier Kids’ Menus – What about Me??? 12 September 2007

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In relation to this story, I am decidedly for fast food restaurants offering healthier choices for those of us that care about our weight and health. I agree with Miriam Pappo, a nutritionist quoted in the story, when she said, “The actual ultimate solution is still to eat less fast food.” Well duh. But sometimes that’s just not possible. So hurrah to Burger King for stepping up and finally offering what Wendy’s and McDonald’s has offered for months now.

My only problem is – what about me? Why can’t they have a bigger sized serving of Apple Fries for me? Can I order the Apple Fries ala carte, or will they make me order a kids’ meal? And the chicken tenders? Are they only offering 4 of them or can I get six? What about the big kids that want their menus healthier too?

This is a common trend as well among the big three – apple slices are only advertised as part of the Happy Meal at McDonald’s, as are mandarin oranges at Wendy’s. The only place that seems to have gotten the point is Subway, always Subway, that is now advertising their apples and raisins as a valid option for a side for adults in place of chips or cookies.

Still you can’t blame a place for trying. When they do come out with these flame-broiled chicken breasts and apple fries, I’ll have to be a kid again and find something to do with that toy.