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Heathier Kids’ Menus – What about Me??? 12 September 2007

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In relation to this story, I am decidedly for fast food restaurants offering healthier choices for those of us that care about our weight and health. I agree with Miriam Pappo, a nutritionist quoted in the story, when she said, “The actual ultimate solution is still to eat less fast food.” Well duh. But sometimes that’s just not possible. So hurrah to Burger King for stepping up and finally offering what Wendy’s and McDonald’s has offered for months now.

My only problem is – what about me? Why can’t they have a bigger sized serving of Apple Fries for me? Can I order the Apple Fries ala carte, or will they make me order a kids’ meal? And the chicken tenders? Are they only offering 4 of them or can I get six? What about the big kids that want their menus healthier too?

This is a common trend as well among the big three – apple slices are only advertised as part of the Happy Meal at McDonald’s, as are mandarin oranges at Wendy’s. The only place that seems to have gotten the point is Subway, always Subway, that is now advertising their apples and raisins as a valid option for a side for adults in place of chips or cookies.

Still you can’t blame a place for trying. When they do come out with these flame-broiled chicken breasts and apple fries, I’ll have to be a kid again and find something to do with that toy.


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