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Law School? Eh, maybe not. 30 September 2007

Filed under: Career — ferociouskater @ 7:20 pm

My latest career interest, going into law, actually lasted a pretty long time – about a year and a half. But lately the thought of  being handcuffed to a desk 60 hours a week hasn’t been sounding so pleasurable. Not to mention I don’t think anyone who really knows me thought it was really my…achem…forte.

My latest career vision is actually a recurring one, to write. I’ve been looking at different low-residency MA and MFA programs, ones that I could conceivably apply to this fall and start in the spring. The possibility of starting something so soon is very appealing to me, because I’m tired as hell of sitting around. Thomas doesn’t think that I should do something so limiting. He doesn’t think that I will be any more employable after completing an MA in creative writing than I was with my BA in creative writing. I think I will at least be more employable for freelance jobs, and by the time I’m done with the program we will hopefully at least be somewhere with a lower unemployment rate.

I am especially interested in a low-residency program in the U.K. It wouldn’t be much different, other than the airfare would be a bit more. But what better way to do the traveling I want without having to leave home for whole semesters at a time? Besides, I would think that having experience studying overseas would be pretty marketable, and certainly give me more of a diverse experience than going to any low-residency program here in the U.S. Again, Thomas disagrees, nor does he think we would be able to afford to send me overseas once or twice a year for two years. Pessimism is running rampant in our household right now, unfortunately.

Yet I am still reluctant about canceling the LSAT that I have rescheduled twice now. I’m having a hard time committing to not committing to law school. It’s all a very frustrating situation and I’m almost considering taking to a career councilor about it. Think that someone from Denison would still be willing to talk to me 2 years after I graduated?



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