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My New Job – Please Stop Staring. 12 November 2007

Filed under: Career — ferociouskater @ 1:01 am

When I tell people about my new job they look at me funny. “You’re leaving a reception job with a steady schedule for retail?” So here, for all to see, is one of my reasons for abandoning my “steady” job at the veterinary clinic for my new job at SuperBookStore (SBS).

I am tired of getting sideswiped by people who have just had $60 or more of stuff done for their pet come up to the counter and ask me if they can be billed. Apparently the huge “All Payments are Due At Time of Service” sign didn’t tip them off when they walked in the door. I am tired to having to explain, over and over again, that no matter how “good for it” they are we cannot give them Fluffy’s medication if they don’t have all of our money. I am tired of the dirty looks, the pathetic whining, and the threats that they will switch vets.

At SBS the price is on the label. If you don’t have the money for it, you don’t buy it, you read it in the cafe and then let us re-shelve it for you. If I’m not comfortable with how someone is treating me I can get my manager and step away. There will be a manager there no matter what day it is, I won’t be helpless if it’s a weekend like I was at the clinic.

So there is one reason I’m happy to be moving on. I’m sure I’ll find new things to gripe about once I get there. But for now I’m content, so I’m going to ignore your weird looks and get my nice discount.



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