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A New Christmas 21 December 2007

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For the last couple years, fueled by the craziness of travel, commercialism, and neverending stress, my mother has been talking about creating a new day to celebrate Christmas. She favors January 6th, traditionally the 12th day of Christmas. Usually I shrug her off, saying that it’s impossible for everyone to get off after they’ve already had holiday break and it would be a bit of a letdown to sit around by ourselves on Christmas when everyone else is celebrating with their families.

This year, however, as we are still waiting on loan money that we were supposed to get over a week ago, January 6th is looking pretty good. I wanted a quiet Christmas with our friends, sleeping in a little bit, waking up to our tree and opening presents in our PJs. And now Tom’s family will be here in two days, we have not bought anything for anyone, and we haven’t even mailed our Christmas cards. Not that I mind Tom’s family being here, but in terms of everything else I could use the extra 12 days. If we celebrated Christmas on the 6th, for example, my presents wouldn’t be really late. They’d be on time. Plus you could shop really good sales right after *Christmas* and you wouldn’t be cheating or cheaping out. Plus you could be kinda cool and kinda different, still wishing people a “Merry Christmas” after the fact.

Getting a whole family on-board might be a little difficult. But just think, you could get a really cheap Christmas tree out on the curb.

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