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"Well, He’s Ugly.” 20 February 2008

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For the longest time I thought newborn babies were so ugly. They were all red and wrinkly and smooshed looking. I would see pictures of them in the paper and on hospital websites and think, “Wow, how can anyone think those are cute?”

But I have to admit, after meeting my best friends’ new baby this morning, it’s a lot different when you know them. When you can pick out features in their little faces that remind you of those you know and care about. When you know that you’ll get to see him grow up over the years and you’ll remember what his first word was, where he took his first steps, and how he liked his first day of school.

Looking down at my new little “nephew” Sebastian didn’t make me want to go right out and have my own, but it did light a desire in me to make sure I’m always there for him. I will always be there for him just as his parents have been there for us, and how I know they will be there someday if my turn comes.

When Brian came in to tell us that Sebastian had arrived, he said, in true Brian form, “Well, he’s ugly.” And for the first time, I saw a newborn baby that was as far from ugly as Brian is from somber.

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