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Responsability…What’s That? 3 March 2008

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This morning I really, really want to buckle down and write. And I feel to do this I need to focus – not look out the window, not play with the dogs, not do laundry, (not blog), but focus. Which is why I feel like I need to go to the coffee shop. The only problem is that I have these dogs, and while I was gone last week in Cleveland they were in their crates all day every day. So there’s this level of guilt I feel when I’m not doing anything with anyone else and I’m not home with them.

And I’m thinking, holy crap. How do self-employed people do it when they have kids? I mean, I might feel guilty but I can still go away and leave my dogs home alone. How in the world will I be a successful writer and get things accomplished when I have a baby (years from now, of course) if I can’t even focus around my dogs? Okay, lots of people do it. But am I cut out?

Since it’s stupid to think about right now, since I’m not even planning a family anytime soon, I’m going to celebrate my freedom from that kind of responsibility by leaving my dogs for a while to go to the coffee shop. I’m pretty sure they’ll forgive me when I get back, and think of all the money I’m saving on babysitters…

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