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All You Can Ask For 5 March 2008

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I have a good friend from high school who has always seemed to be a bit of a dreamer. We never really took him all that seriously when he’d talk about what he’d do with his life, and we shook our heads when he ignored the seemingly grounded talents (such as botany) for loftier ones (punk rocking). He’s still chasing some sort of pipe dream, to be a professional stand-up comedian, and it seems to be going rather well despite the fact that he still lives at home with his parents.

My friend pretty much embodies that wild, nonsensical side of everyone that wants to rip off the suit and tie and take up professional surfing. But sometimes, amidst quoting obscure rock songs and saying rather offensive things about little people, he’s kind of prophetic. Today when I told him I was going to get an MFA in creative writing, had been working at a job I rather liked and spending a lot of time with friends, he said, “That’s all you can ask for, a job and friends and a future.”

And then I sat back and thought about it and smiled. I thought about my job, which I consider more of a hobby, my friends, who I couldn’t be without, and my future, which at this point is looking pretty bright. And then even though he followed such words with some off-color remark about little people, I was comforted all the same.

Thanks, Josh.

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