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It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not. -Anon.

It’s Only Wednesday in Castle Way 23 April 2008

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Every have a feeling that moments in your life are actually scenes written intentionally weird from some movie?

Like this morning, for example. B and I are out playing tennis and suddenly this middle-aged woman, in a red pants suit, walks onto the court waving a full-page color ad from the newspaper. “I don’t understand,” she says in a thick Russian accent, “I don’t understand this.”

She pushes the ad in my face and points to it – a local furniture store displaying a couch, loveseat, and chair set. There is a price listed, around $400, and she doesn’t know if this price is for the whole set or just one of the pieces. “Is for all? Is for one?” she asks, positively baffled.

I stand there in my workout clothes, holding my racket under my arm, and try to decipher the ad. Across the court I can see B with upturned eyebrow, confused at the nature of this little early-morning encounter with what appears to be our new Russian neighbor. Not only must she discover whether this sale is a gift from heaven or a rip-off, she must do it now, on this particular Wednesday while I’m attempting to improve my painfully bad backhand. Luckily, she departs grumbling about the expense of furniture after I explain to her that the price is for the couch only.

I watch her red jacket disappear around the hedge and turn back to the court, shrugging at B’s inquisitive look. We resume our back-and-forth until the next distraction, and decide that I might miss this neighborhood just a little.


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