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It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not. -Anon.

Update 27 June 2008

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A couple people have a been a teeny bit confused about my plans for this fall, so I shall clarify. One of the requirements for the Lesley MFA creative writing program is that we participate in an Interdisciplinary Studies project every semester. This can be an independent study or a subject that pertains to your writing, it can be learning a new art form (music, dance, art) and writing about how that strengthens our writing, it can be a series of journals, or it can be something more concrete, like an internship. Since I really want to break into the publishing and editing world, which is a very tight little circle, I decided I wanted to start out my Master’s career by applying to internships in these fields.

So…after a few weeks of emailing back and forth and finally an interview this past Tuesday, I clinched an internship at the Harvard Review literary magazine. I will be doing general office-y kind of things in addition to reading fiction submissions, which I know will be fun and enlightening. Plus, to quote my mother, “This will look good on my resume,” even though it’s unpaid. In this way I hope to get to know others in the publishing world and squeeze my way in. Of course, as you know, this means I have to move out there for a couple of months. I’m pretty confident I will be renting a room from a delightful lady in Newton, MA during this time, and will probably be working the holiday rush at a B+N as well. Who knows what else might come along as well!

There’s my “Christmas Letter” update. Except I didn’t write it in third person. That’s so cheesy.


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